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    Forest palette

    Forest’s palette

    Given the performance of individual bouquets, the final composition may some different.

    The time of the order should agree with the manager at the numbers listed on our contact.

    You can order the delivery flowers and enjoy the excellent service of specialists.

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    "Forest Palette" is an excellent combination of multifaceted and diverse flowers which are well matched by experienced florists of company «Delivery flower», brings freshness nature and bear the spirit of mystery. This perfect composition accurately and charmingly show off in the hands of culprits of the holidays, adding considerable positive and bright impressions. Bouquet of roses and carnations blends, gentle and fragile flowers of frese and saturated and original flowers of ranunkulyus. Aptly bouquet design adds charm and interesting grandiose appearance, that distinguished by a special highlight it among the masses of other bouquets. This bouquet of fresh charisma and good atmosphere because combines extremely stylish and romantic flowers, whose history reaches ancient times.

    Rose, being the queen of flora gives unsurpassed spirit of romance and seductively and gently heats the heart, giving tremendous positive feeling and joy, uplifting and inspires, sometimes are concerned with commonplace, thought. It flowers of love, romance and legendary transfers of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, which gave rise to entire culture the development of roses.

    Being a symbol of struggle and freedom, Carnation has great miraculous medicinal properties. The history of this extraordinary flower reaches of the Crusades, namely King Louis IX of France invented the medicinal properties of cloves, which are used for medicinal purposes at the time of the Crusades. Carnation has gained high recognition in England, wrote about it, William Shakespeare, as the flower of deep beauty and unsurpassed beauty. Carnation particularly came to mind the Queen Elizabeth and the entire royal nobility for a long time settled in the royal garden of her Majesty. Carnation truly complements the beauty and charm of the original bouquets and provides a fragrance free and unforced relationships.

    Magic Flower ranunkulyus, is another favorite of royal nobility UK. Imported from Turkey in the sixteenth century ranunkulyus was one of the most popular flowers of the royal court, show mercy the eye  with unique and charming appearance and aroma of freshness and unsurpassed beauty. It is perfectly adorned in bouquets and excellent show mercy the eye  in the gardens of the kingdom. In nature, this flower of swamp terrain and can stand up to two weeks in a vase of water. Today, six hundred species is known to this species which romantically is decorated with bouquets.

    Clear Mills from Africa perfectly and sunny clear illuminate a bouquet, giving the charm the natural highlights and grandeur of. Buy flowers quite easy, because at the page of the shop some interesting bouquets sorted in categories that accurately match for celebration. You can use "delivery of flowers" and slowly wait for the order, noting the address and phone number of the recipient. We offer buy a bouquet!