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    Legend of Lviv

    Given the performance of individual bouquets, the final composition may some different.

    The time of the order should agree with the manager at the numbers listed on our contact.

    You can order the delivery flowers and enjoy the excellent service of specialists.

    We wish you a good time !


    Charming and unique Lviv continue to attract the romance of ancient streets and mysterious intrigue by the legendary stories about the events of antiquity. In a bouquet "legend of Lviv" in an original way combines the charm and romance of ancient ages originality of style, inspired by the exquisite rose. The basis of the bouquet are natural elements that add real charm of natural bouquet, made in the spirit of Romanticism. Bouquet aptly combines of roses soft pink color and unique flowers of santeziyi, alchemilly and aspidistra. Organic combination of delicate and stylish beauties make great bunch nature and romance, full of legends.

    Romantic and ancient Lviv attracts the legendary fame of Lviv, combines the architecture of different cultural epochs, contains and radiates extraordinary spirit of most interesting and fascinating traditions unknown to visitors. Legendary is a bouquet of flowers of that soft and seductively draw attention give the impression of the creative style mixes charm and unmatched beauty. This charming and pleasant bouquet of flowers that please the eye and fill the aura of positivity, it's worth giving a bouquet and be sure to novelty ideas and experiences of such a gift.

    To order a bouquet please visit adding the composition in the basket, and then it is necessary to order the "delivery of flowers", which we will do in time, giving you excellent service and positive impression of performed bouquet. Buy flowers should not only with aim greetings. Flowers, presented without make holiday celebration in the soul, so do not delay with a choice and buy a wonderful bouquet. You have something to think about and to choose from because we selected the best composition of colors that enveloped the incredible beauty gracefully and harmoniously assembled by professionals. We also offer the original performance of a professional florist bouquet based on your exclusive wishes, which you can order on the "bouquet from florist." Service "Delivering flowers Lviv" is free and is designed to restrict you from performing mundane or routine cases. You just leave the contact and address of the recipient, and we guaranteed execute orders on time.

    Alongside with a wonderful bouquet of "legend of Lviv" flaunts equally attractive bouquet "Legend", which continues the theme of original and creative compositions, inspiring the culprit of celebration on positive achievements. We offer choose a bouquet and to give a good impression that permanently will inspire a positive and unsurpassed impetus to the creation of something new and interesting.