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    White chrysanthemum

    Given the performance of individual bouquets, the final composition may some different.

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    White chrysanthemums, carrying an aura of freshness, harmoniously and perfectly complement the bouquet, giving it the shape of completeness and charm of romance. Since ancient times, chrysanthemums attracted the attention of many fans and boldly be said that these flowers have won the love and respect.

    Chrysanthemum flowers have a thousand years of history, they devoted a lot of ballads and legends. In one of these described that the evil dragon wanted to steal the sun from people embraced it and strongly burn the paws of frantic rage he began to tear and trample the sun, with scattered rays and in the places of scattered sunlight grown the chrysanthemum. Until now, the exact place of birth of chrysanthemums is unknown, only thing in what researchers assured, is that chrysanthemums are born in the East.

    In translation from Japanese chrysanthemum called "sun", this charming flower is able to infuse life all around, to inspire on positive achievement, love and happiness. Chrysanthemum flower is quite popular in Japan, it is shown in the paper bills and coined at coins. For culture of Japan is traditionally a popular is manufacture of ornamental dolls from fresh chrysanthemums. For a long time the image of a flower - the sun was considered sacred, at that time chrysanthemums have been on the weight of gold, they were considered the property of the emperor, and in 1876 was created the Order of the Chrysanthemum, which was the highest award in the country.

    On the chrysanthemum composed vers, poems and stories, their revered today as magnificent flowers of East. In Japan, celebrated the feast of chrysanthemums on which the dolls in human growth wear historical costumes made from chrysanthemums. On this day, the Japanese drink sake with petals of these wonderful and unique flowers of sun that beckoning the clear appearance and unique flavor of light and good emotions.

    Buy flowers is very simple and easy, for this purpose we have placed at the page of shop offers of finished flowers, while divided them into categories for easy selection. You may also consider special requests in the performing of the bouquet that will be implemented by experienced florists. Suffice it to describe your wishes by phone from page contacts. For convenience and faster order execution You can use the delivery services of flowers, acquainted with rules on the page delivery and payment. Flower delivery is free within the limits of the city. For delivery of a bouquet outside the city necessary to pay funds at page delivery and payment.