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    Given the performance of individual bouquets, the final composition may some different.

    The time of the order should agree with the manager at the numbers listed on our contact.

    You can order the delivery flowers and enjoy the excellent service of specialists.

    We wish you a good time !


    Charming and original bouquet "Fountain" in the style of creativity and originality, magnificent and brightly decorate festive greetings to inspire positive achievements and harmoniously continue the note of the holiday after sincere greetings and interesting greetings. Bouquet "Fountain" as the breath of nature, enveloped by aura of the freshness and authentic natural colors, subtly and profoundly inspires romance holidays, gives a positive and creative spirits. To perform bouquet florists gracefully and accurately picked charming anemones, clear eustoma, strong cloves and interesting of its originality the hamelatsium. Complementing a wonderful bouquet halaks and berhas. The original weave provides to bouquet charm creative and artistic achievements, show mercy eye pleasing fans of unusual flavors that filled grandeur known collections.

    Being original and stylish gift, bouquet pleasantly surprised superb selection of flowers. Anemone, born in the Mediterranean gently and beautifully decorated overall picture beauty of bouquet, inspires on a great moments positive, pleasing tenderness and pleasantly adorned in the composition.

    Flowers of eustoma magical in its beauty, wearing the nickname "Rose of Love" origin in North America and brought to Europe by sailors the pioneers who have studied the new land. Eustoma were not only studied and described, they got their names and great popularity florists. Intense blue color, diluted soft white, bright eye pleasing connoisseurs and accurately the perfectly maintains the harmony of a bouquet.

    Magic Carnation provides stylish and determination to a bouquet, giving a charisma of independence and free thought, has an aura of beauty and unsurpassed flavor even excellent spirits. Please the eye and harmonious combination of strict and convincing clove and delicate bud of anemones and hamelatsiumu petals which gently wrapped in an aura of harmony and positive.

    Today, a number of shops offering various interesting flower arrangement, and it is a bouquet of "Fountain" is one of those that flaunt worthy demonstration at exhibitions, pardon eye of fans. On our website store placed a lot of ready-made bouquets, with compelling selection of different colors, which can be ordered in a simple way.

    Buy flowers can by choosing the welcome ready bouquet, or order individual performance in the florist previously describing his vision. We offer the service "delivery flowers", which will quickly and without excessive force buy bouquet and deliver it at a specified address. The "flower delivery Lviv" is free and is a great pleasure for you. We offer to purchase flowers!