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    Delivery of favorite bouquets

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    As December and January are rich in holidays, birthdays, and, accordingly, and greetings, which can be harmoniously complemented by a bouquet of flowers. Delivery Flowers from Delivery Flower will add comfort and convenience, as it will be done in a timely manner at a specified address. Choosing a bouquet of flowers on our site, you will choose an exquisite composition that radiates harmony and charm of originality. Perfect combination of flowers in a bouquet will add a special charisma and keep the freshness of buds for a long period of time. That is why it is important to buy flowers from the professionals of your business, which are guaranteed to perform a compelling composition of incredible beauty. It is no secret to anyone that a bouquet of flowers should correspond to the theme of the holiday, which is why it is worth buying flowers, choosing the appropriate category that is perfectly suited to the theme of celebration. And for this purpose the florists of the company have performed the sorting of bouquets according to certain categories, in order to choose, you have conveniently selected a bouquet that is perfectly suited to the theme of the holiday.

    Flower delivery will add comfort

    Do not hesitate to choose a store to buy flowers. Choose the convenience and comfort, since buying on-line bouquets is simple and convenient. Choose the desired category, which is great for the theme of the holiday and look at the wide assortment of bouquets. By choosing the bouquet that most closely matches the theme of the holiday, you can confidently give a refined and exclusive gift that will be remembered for a long time. Flower delivery will add convenience and comfort, as it will be done at a specified address so you can fulfill a rather unexpected gift by ordering the delivery of flowers at once to the address of the culprit of the holiday.

    Flowers delivery can be done according to certain rules and conditions. Depending on the complexity of the flower delivery, delivery of flowers can be realized on the next day or in a day, as it takes a lot of time to perform the flower arrangement. Working on the market for more than 10 years, Floral florists of Delivery Flower perform bouquets of creative design that remain unique and give a special impression. In order to fulfill the delivery of flowers on the day of order, it is necessary to buy flowers in the first half of the day, because it is not necessary to spend time for the correct implementation of the bouquet. In general, the delivery of flowers can be carried out according to the following rules:

    1. Flowers delivery is carried out in Lviv and Lviv region.
    2. The cost of delivery of flowers in Bryukhovychi, Ryasne 1, Ryasne 2, Vinniki, Skniliv, Malehiv, Dublyany, Sokilniki, Solonka, Zubro, Winter Voda and other nearby settlements are discussed individually.
    3. The cost of delivery of flowers to 10-00 and after 20-00 is discussed individually.
    4. The minimum order amount for Lviv is 400 UAH. without the cost of delivery.
    5. The cost of delivery of flowers at a specified hour is 100 UAH.
    6. Flowers delivery is carried out within three hours from the moment of payment.
    7. Flowers delivery from day to day is performed upon payment of the order till 16-00.

    When ordering flowers delivery, you must specify your own contact details and expect a call from the sales manager to specify the terms of the order and the time of delivery of flowers. Leave the maximum information in the contact form for easy execution of the order. We recommend that you leave the individual wishes in the “comments” column, which will be transferred to the opening and placed in a prominent place. By ticking SMS-informing, the courier company will announce the delivery of the bouquet. When ordering flowers delivery, leave the contact details of the recipient in order to coordinate the convenient time of execution of the order.


    Original additions to magic bouquets

    A gift in the form of a magnificent bouquet can be a pleasant surprise if delivery of flowers is executed at the right moment. And if together with a wonderful bouquet of flowers you will give a pleasant sweet supplement, in the form of a cake, the greetings will pick up pleasant shapes and will give a lot of positive. When choosing a bouquet, you can add balls, sweets or even a toy to your order. Such a gift kit will enrich the greetings and will surely lift the mood to the culprits of the celebration. We wish you a pleasant time and we recommend our company services.