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    Rules of etiquette in the gift of flowers

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    A gift of flowers will be an extremely pleasant gesture in a relationship, especially if it’s an unexpected gift. That is why it is worth giving flowers, because a favorite bouquet of flowers will give you a lot of positive and pleasure. In the busy days of labor activity there may not be enough time to hike in flower shops or markets, so we suggest you buy flowers on our website. Delivery of flowers will add comfort and convenience, so do not hesitate, choose magic bouquets and give joy to loved ones and loved ones. For convenience in the selection, choose your category, which is ideal for the holiday theme. Delivery of flowers will be done on time and without delay, so it is worthwhile to take advantage of the convenient service and create a pleasant surprise, which will be remembered. After choosing a stylish bouquet of a specific execution theme, leave your contact information and wait for the call soon. You will be called back by the sales manager and specify the conditions for the delivery of flowers, the lead time for the order and the delivery address. For convenience in obtaining a bouquet leave the contact details of the culprit of the celebration, in order for the flowers to be delivered at a convenient time. Leave your contact information and wait for a sms-notification of delivery of the bouquet. Also do not forget to leave individual wishes that will pleasantly warm the culprit of the celebration and give positive, we will transfer them to a wonderful postcard and place in a conspicuous place. It is only necessary to choose the original bouquet of flowers and wait for the order.

    A bouquet of flowers of a special theme

    Knowing the tastes in choosing flowers, it is quite simple and convenient to choose a stylish bouquet of flowers that will give unsurpassed impressions and give positive. And how to buy flowers that will perfectly meet the theme of the holiday, because for each holiday is a special kind of flower and style of performance. To simplify the choice of a bouquet, we performed a flower pod on the most popular holiday themes, so you should choose the desired category, in which there will be unsorted a lot of original bouquets of flowers. Buy flowers that are ideal for a particular subject is not an easy task, that’s why it’s worth to contact the professionals of your business who will recommend a lot of interesting bouquets of flowers, or they will perform an original and exclusive composition on an individual order. Magic bouquets can be performed in different subjects, you only need to voice individual wishes and expect the fulfillment of the order.

    Bouquets can be made in different themes and styles, a bouquet of flowers made by professional florists of the Delivery Flower company is ideally suited to the theme of the holiday and will keep a fresh look for a long period of time. That is why it is worth buying flowers on our website and enjoying a beautiful fresh look for a long time, because this is the original memory of the romantic event.

    The rules of etiquette in the gift of flowers

    Everyone knows that the flowers bear a certain symbolism, which should correspond to the theme of the holiday. To choose the original bouquet, think about the nature of the person, his age and features, as well as his own attitude, because the size of the bouquet and colors of flowers depends on the level of intimacy in the relationship. Depending on the scale of the event depends on the size of the bouquet, as well as their number. According to the eastern tradition, an odd number of flowers are given, but in Europe an even number of colors are not taken into account.

    There are a number of features in the gift of flowers to the elderly, so women are not given callas or chrysanthemums or other flowers with white petals, is a symbol of sadness, it is better to give gladioli, or other strict flowers. Women in the prime of life should give bright bouquets, but young women are given flowers in soft light colors. By the way, do not give a bouquet of bright flowers to young girls, as well as a gift of flowers in saturated dark colors for ladies at the age of age will also be perceived negatively. A wonderful gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers should be purchased for the husband’s wife, if you first came to visit. Such a bouquet can include hyacinths, carnations and chrysanthemums and symbolize respect for the hostess of the house.

    According to the rules of etiquette, it is not necessary for a woman to give flowers to a man, but if a person is older than a woman, or a man’s birthday is worth giving dahlias, gladioli, and red roses. For a pleasant wish the traveler should present a bouquet of flowers in red tones, which must be made of a solid foundation, so as not to lose a remarkable view on the journey.

    From time immemorial, flowers symbolized attention and a special attitude, giving a bouquet of flowers of a certain theme, you add originality to congratulations and yet it is worth placing a congratulation in vidkritsi, which is placed in a conspicuous place of the bouquet, which will give a positive and joyful congratulation.

    To ensure that the bouquet of flowers does not lose its own look and freshness of the bud, it should be performed according to certain rules that harmoniously combine flowers in a bouquet, preserving a presentable appearance for a long period of time. Also, do not ignore the rules of preserving the bouquet, because in the complex the flowers will stand twice as long. We wish to buy flowers and congratulate the culprit of the celebration in an original way.