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    The secrets of flower care

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    Секрети догляду за квітами 1

    A bouquet of flowers is a special gift, as it will create a positive mood and give a pleasant and sincere smile. It is worth choosing a perfect composition that will surely come to the heart and create a mood for the whole day. A well-chosen bouquet of flowers is able to give freshness for seven or more days. Flowers have a special charisma that can complement the overall style of the bouquet and keep the beauty and freshness for a certain time. That is why you should go to the professional florist shop, where you will surely choose the perfect composition and present a stylish and refined bouquet of flowers. Working on the market for more than ten years, Delivery Flower offers a wide range of bouquets of different style. Having reviewed the assortment, choose an eye-catching bouquet of flowers, which is guaranteed to give you unforgettable impressions and inspire positive. Due to the frenzied rhythm and business activity, there is not always enough time to choose the original bouquet, that’s why it is worth buying flowers on our company’s website and creating a nice present of unforgettable beauty and style of execution. Many florist stores offer a wide range of bouquets of the original style, we recommend buying flowers from the professionals of your business, which will guarantee the quality and will perform in a particularly stylish and creative bouquet of flowers.

    Tips for preserving the freshness of a bouquet of flowers

    Choosing an original and stylish bouquet of flowers, you will surely give a pleasant mood and unforgettable impressions. That is why you need to turn to the professionals of your business, which will accurately select the original composition, adding a harmonious and refined style. But it is extremely important to maintain the beauty and freshness of the bouquet for a long time, because it is so nice to admire the eye with an original and stylish bouquet of flowers that will preserve its appearance for seven or even more days.

    Therefore, to preserve the freshness of the bouquet, it is necessary to perform a number of simple and rather important moles that will help to preserve the freshness of a bouquet of flowers. Before placing a bouquet in a cold water vase, it is necessary to cut the ends of the flower bar at an angle of forty-five degrees. Cut off the flower from the trunk of the faded leaves, and cut the spines if it is a rose. Interesting is the fact that for a longer preservation of the freshness of the bud you need to add a twig of the tuya, and especially if you were presented with tulips. Adding sugar, roses, cloves, freesia, tulips or lilacs to the water will keep the freshness longer.

    Secrets of a harmonious combination of flowers in a bouquet

    Flowers have a special charisma, giving the incredible beauty and charm of romance, creativity or business style, flowers can complement or destroy the freshness of the bouquet. After all, each flower is a truly special, in a precise combination it is able to complement the freshness of the bouquet in general, or to accelerate the loss of fresh appearance. Therefore, the placement of the dominant flowers in the bouquet can destroy each other, so you need to identify one type of flower that will dominate, and the rest of the flowers will accurately complement the style of the selected composition. For example, it is not recommended to combine in a bouquet of rose and cloves, which remain dominating in a bouquet will cause the wicking of the bouquet in general. In general, roses poured harmfully on other flowers, because dark red roses accelerate the melting of tea roses, which is why it is not necessary to combine them in a composition of one bouquet.

    For the colors of individualists, it is not necessary to plan placement in a bouquet, as it will lead to their rapid wilting. For example, narcissuses and lilies should be presented separately from any other colors, they will retain their appearance and give the freshness of the bud for a long period of time. In any case, the original beauty of the bells of the lily of the valley should not be combined with tulips, forgetfulness and lilac. That is why it is worth asking the professionals of their business who, knowing the secrets of the original combination of bouquets, will perform a stylish and refined composition of the original style of execution.

    Offering stylish and refined compositions, you can count on performing a bouquet of relevant subjects. Delivery of flowers will add comfort and comfort, as when ordering flowers delivery services, you can count on the timely execution of the order at a specified address. It is worthwhile to choose a suitable category that will match the theme of the holiday and buy flowers of a great style of execution. Leave your own contact details and in the near future you will be called by the sales manager to clarify the terms of the order and the time of execution of the bouquet. Leaving your own contact information and choosing the SMS service, the courier will send a notice of the service, thus you will be guaranteed to be informed. The originality of the gift will add to your own gorgeous greetings, which you can leave in the comments box. We transfer sincere wishes to the opening by placing it in a prominent place, thus the culprit celebrations will be pleasantly impressed by the originality of the present. We would like to buy flowers of the original style and we recommend the services of the company Delivery Flower.