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    Winter flowers give freshness

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    A bouquet of charming flowers can lift your mood and give a smile. In winter it will be useful to deliver flowers, which will be done on time and without delays. It is worth choosing the desired bouquet, which is guaranteed to give a pleasant impression, and especially if it is a holiday event. Knowing the tastes and preferences to buy flowers is easy, but which bouquet to pick up if you are not sure about the choice. When you visit the store page, you can choose a lot of interesting and stylish compositions. Choose the desired category, which will perfectly match the theme of the holiday, and you will have a wide range of bouquets. To buy flowers for celebratory events is quite simple, choose the category with the same name, which will be a lot of flower bouquets and choose the best, add it to the basket. Flowers delivery will be done at the address of the recipient, which will provide the convenience and will create a pleasant surprise for the culprit of the holiday. For romantic congratulations, open the category “Megamall bouquets” here you will find many interesting bouquets, grandiose and impressive.

    Bouquet of flowers, born in winter

    Of traditional bouquets, we often buy roses. Staying in the flower of flowers in a bouquet, roses have a wide palette of different colors of buds, probably because of this, these flowers are the most popular. To the miracle of nature in winter, too, flowers blossom, despite the snow and cool, pleasant buds of freshness will delight the blossom of Christmas roses or, as is still commonly referred to as a morass. Christmas roses bloom in Western and Southern Europe at the time of Christmas, from which the same name. In spite of night frosts and snow, there is plenty of daily temperature, so that the frog grows bubbly. There are several types of Christmas roses, among which the most common black gooseberry (Helleborus niger), best suits the local frost. If you cut a Christmas rose and place it in a vase with water, it will keep the freshness of the bud for a long period of time.

    Another winter pleasant surprise is the flower of Gamamelis. This is a special plant, because it blossoms while the rest of the flowers are covered with a thick layer of snow. Flowers of hamamelis can not be fooled, as wild and orange flowers shine brightly in the snowy season. There are three types of hamamelis: Japanese, soft and Virginia.

    The winter flower blossom of the hollow remains the unique blossom of nature. By itself, the holly does not blossom, but in winter the crown of the tree covers the green leaves, and thanks to the red berries, the plant became a symbol of the Christmas holidays. Padub grows with other trees and bushes, blossoms in the spring with small and invisible flowers.

    The true “Christmas star,” without a doubt, is the blossoming puasentia that blossoms into a rather gloomy time, namely in November and December. But despite the late flowering, puassentia gives a pleasant impression, because it is often used for Christmas decorations and wreaths to the table.

    Cristmas Star

    One more interesting winter surprise remains pyres. Forever green shrub is sometimes a small tree that grows in North America and East Asia, as well as in the Himalayas. In our regions there is a lot of colorful and Japanese peeris, which gives white flowers and blossoms in the autumn. Although during the cold winter, his flower may freeze.

    On a truly fragrant winter beauty, honeysuckle remains, which blooms in the early spring, when other plants still sleep under a snowstorm. Honeysuckle blooms yellow and white flowers with lemon flavor. The honeysuckle’s color can withstand frost, but if the temperature drops below fifteen degrees, the flower is fading, which is why it is important to keep the flower from severe frost.

    The incredibly beautiful camellia remains eternally green throughout the year. Camellia is an impressive plant from the family of tea blossoms in natural conditions from January to March. Camellia can truly be called a purely winter flower, a flower that can reach fifteen centimeters in diameter. Due to the temperature tolerance of the camellia, blooming flowers at an altitude of up to one thousand hundred meters above sea level, where the hot summer comes in the form of fierce snow.


    Flower delivery for comfort and convenience

    In the winter, the delivery of flowers will add convenience in organizing the original greetings. Do not waste time and effort to search for a bouquet of flowers, visit the website of Delivery Flower and choose the exact bouquet that will perfectly match the theme of the celebration. When ordering delivery of flowers, do not forget to leave your own original greetings, which will warm your imagination with positive and joy, adding positive. Check the SMS check box and wait for the delivery message. Be confident in timely execution of the order. We wish you a pleasant celebration.